Have you thanked your shipping and receiving department today?

Have you thanked your shipping and receiving department today?

In todays globalized environment delivery and receipt have never been more decisive or more complex. With Americans who buy goods from and sell goods to the rest of the world high quality broadcasting and receiving professionals are among the most important links in the supply chain. The number tells the story: US Post Office handles over one billion packages a year equivalent to more than three billion pounds. FedEx delivers over six million each day while in the same twenty four hours UPS delivers 15.6 million.

Its up to send and receive professionals to make sure this huge volume of mail goes to the right place and thats no easy task. Think of the steps a package is going through say a video game or a DVD you order from an online catalog or from an online store like Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.

Long before you click on the Buy icon in your browser a distribution center must order its warehouse from the manufacturers warehouse where a freight consultant must log in correctly upon request. Packers must find the ordered materials and pack them safely for the series of long journey forward. Then the stock must reach the distribution center where when it comes a receiving clerk must note his arrival pack it up and store it safely. Finally when you place your order someone has to find the materials in the warehouses warehouse at what time they are re packed and another shipping secretary will ensure that they are sent to the correct place with the correct invoice to the right person.

Now multiply all the effort of thousands and you will get an idea of the difficulty in shipping and receiving. And lets not even talk about returns. The Daily Shipping and Reception Department is so central and so representative of modernized globalized business complexity which is suspected of Adam Smith writing The Wealth of Nations today he could replace the famous brand with delivery and receiving department of a modern company.

In such an environment old fashioned care and intelligence make all the difference. The mailbox must keep accurate documents note if payment has been received from the customer whether and when orders have been sent and log customer complaints by mistake. Each step in a partys journey from the manufacturers assembly line to your door must be registered. It is shipping and reception of workers who keep the records that allow resellers to know which items are moving fast vs. which objects collect dust in a warehouse. And its shipping and reception of workers who tell when your item has been sent and how long it takes to reach you.

But hard work is not enough. Together with smartness and initiative good tools are a necessity. For example computers have made shipping and reception work easier and efficient in some ways so shipping clients can use barcode reader for example to record all necessary information about an item or a whole pallet of items at the touch of a button. These technical breakthroughs make it much easier to track packages in their progress from one place to another. With the help of robotic equipment warehouses can sort items faster. But with these gains in efficiency there are increases in customer expectations.

Not just flashy new technology but the simplest humblest tool is needed in the mailbox. The best packaging materials are needed together with a good record keeping system and a lot of writing equipment. Good dare to keep track of package weights a plethora of calculators strong packs and freight boxes. And because nothing is more important than the safety of workers a good robust box cutter is crucial a powerful tool knife that does not get ripe with frequent use. A priority should be to find and use a safety knife that protects hard wearing shippers and receivers from work related injuries.

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